Educational resources

You benefit from a teaching facility dedicated to learning how to handle optical and laser equipment in the Aquitaine Institute of Optics building

A dedicated teaching facility

The optics teaching facility is in a building dedicated to optics - the Aquitaine Institute of Optics – inaugurated in October 2014. The building is shared between the Bordeaux University physics facility and the PYLA training centre.

The teaching facility

  • 2 adaptable classrooms
  • 8 separate practical work-rooms
  • 1 computer room

Practical work-rooms

The effectiveness of the course depends on the quality and availability of the facilities. The practical course takes up a large proportion of the photonics option.

The practical work-rooms contain the Bordeaux University laser optics teaching resources and various items of equipment made available by manufacturers. With a stock of lasers that varies from continuous to femtosecond, the facility forms a technological and educational unit unique in France.

A shared Aquitaine Optics and Photonics facility

The development of the shared facility forms part of a skills transfer strategy between the researchers at Bordeaux University, PYLA’s partners and the users of the teaching facility (students on initial training and continuing training course members).

The aim of setting up a shared Aquitaine Optics and Photonics facility is part of a plan to develop the training offer and propose new, cutting-edge topics. The purchase of new equipment will lead to the development of new training workshops.

Mise à jour le 26/06/2015